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Curriculum Makerspace Research and Readings

High Possibility classrooms

Look at this short video they showed at the opening of EduTECH – the rate of change is quite mind blowing … are you keeping up? (From Dr Jane Hunter’s newsletter here)

Optimized-V2_High-Possibility-Classrooms_Dr-Jane-HunterOne of my favourite sessions at the recent EduTECH 2015 conference held here in Brisbane was a workshop by Dr Jane Hunter, titled High Possibility classrooms: What do teachers focus on when they integrate technology in teaching and learning?

Based on her research paper with a book recently published, Technology Integration and High Possibility Classrooms, she had examined the new research through the question: ‘What’s happening in school right now”, through case studies of 4 teachers over 2 years, evidencing occasions of Deep Play, intellectual play, time for deep flow of ideas and much more!

Across the 4 teachers, coding activities were showcased, QUEST Inquiry process was demonstrated, and several pedagogical theories were compared: TPACK, Productive Pedagogies, SAMR, model. Overall the focus was on the ‘sweet spot’ that occurs when Content, Pedagogy and Technology combine.

All my favourite educator theories were embedded in this session: Papert, Vygotsky, Dewey, Gartner, Alan November and with mention to the more recent work of Anna Craft.

The learning looks different.. and needs to keep looking different in the classroom.

To close: Dr Jane Hunter’s blog is here
The High Possibilities Website is here

Latest newsletter is here, and includes some great summaries of EduTech2015 presentations.

Contact Dr. Jane Hunter through the School of Education at the University of Western Sydney for more information.

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Crafting Makerspace

Kinetic Sand play

Kinetic Sand is the perfect material for open-ended, non-directed play.  Children learn creativity and sharing skills with sand play.

Kinetic sand: What’s that?

Is it messy? Not sure… Is it conductive? Let’s see… Sandbox Manifesto? Almost!

Great excitement today as we opened our new boxes of Kinetic sand.

I was looking for an alternative activity to complement all the robots, tinkering electronics, Arduino bits and pieces to remind the boys that Maker Spaces are not always about electronics.
Sometimes we just want to kick back and enjoy each other’s company creating amazing structures, and testing our creative juices.

Success! With more sand next week, we will run a challenge to see how quickly the boys can create an Historical memorial that might reflect an aspect of  their own life… and there will be chocolate for rewards!
The sand is not messy.. it seems to stick together, and with our individual trays and tools to share, it quickly became a great collaborative lunchtime activity.

We purchased ours from the local Spotlight store, and I will be investigating the recipes readily available here and on Pinterest. We can’t have enough it seems!

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