Opening a can of worms: Introducing programming

Scratch Map

Scratch Day is a global network of events that celebrates Scratch — and the young people who code and create with it. During Scratch Day, kids and adults gather to share projects and learn from one another.

In the meeting today I have launched the Competition for this term’s Challenge.
We are learning Scratch to create a 2 level game.

Suddenly I have keen boys wanting to use Kudo, Puzzlescript, Visual Studio, and a few more. Homework for me again!

I am feeling encouraged, however. I have the support of the IT department to allow the boys to load the program onto their student computers, and the Head of Middle School. The Boarding House is excited and I think we are off to a good start. A letter home to parents and the added development of a Team App to make it easier for parents to follow along.

As a beginner, I am learning with them. They are very keen to share with the entire group, and already they are making comparisons across platforms, and the rules are becoming elastic to accommodate their ideas.

Scratch Day is May 9th, 2015. We will offer activities on this day from our Library. Watch this space for more photos!

Ongoing to the conversation.. we’re on the right track:

May 10: Tasmanian schools to roll out Coding curriculum

Sharing our programming skills


Compared to Blockly… Scratch is….


A bustling, shared place


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