Tinkering table


.. a-tinkering we will go! ..Well.. almost!

Our tinkering box gathers kits and projects that rely on basic electronics, computer programming, robotics in some way.
Make magazine is a favourite to browse, and basic books are available to plan projects to build, or just ideas to explore.

We started with our Makey and Squishy Circuit kits, and these continue to be favourites every week!
There are also a few kits of Arduino boards, and spare buzzers and LEDs to get started to
understanding Arduino via DIY challenge cards.
We buy kits in 4’s. This seems to allow the boys to share and discuss what is possible.
There are rarely disagreements!

Our robot family is growing.
Dot and Dash robots have been purchased via a Kickstarter program, and we look forward each month to ongoing challenges and activities for these cute robots.
We also intend this term to explore a few additional robots for the ‘Robot Tug-o-War challenge with our Mechatronics Club later this year. The boys are excited!

The QUT robot program has supported us by lending a few Weaver robots to explore in groups.

Where do I get ideas? By attending lots of Hacker meets, Maker Faires, reading, webinars and browsing… and talking to teachers and educators to share ideas.