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Curriculum Makerspace

Exploring paper craft in Chigiri-e: A Japanese Paper Art

Chigiri-e is a Japanese art form that uses hand made and hand dyed Japanese paper called washi to create images, transforming into beautiful pieces of art.

I am always on the lookout for a new activity for our Lunchbox Craft space. I found this class in a Weekend hobbyists newsletter , and wanted to know more!

Kirie is the Japanese art of paper cutting and Chigirie is a Japanese art form in which the primary technique uses coloured paper (washi) that is torn to create images. The technique dates from the Heian period of Japanese history.

Essential equipment  Choose papers and colours  The project is under way  Simple, individual, engaging and very satisfying to create

Crafting opportunities in the Maker Space:

I am excited to be adding this craft to my program for The Lunchbox Club. I have gathered 6 kits of equipment, and prepared the templates to be cut and torn as required.

I am expecting that the boys will find it very engaging and somewhat relaxing for a lunchtime library activity. The materials are manageable for storage and allow for some self paced project work.
There is plenty of scope for creativity!

Ongoing and detailed workers can create a full picture over a number of weeks, while experimenting and exploring the technique can be accomplished in a short time with the card or garland activity. The skill is exacting, and gives a lovely insight into the culture of Japanese art techniques.

Curriculum connections:

This craft skill has a long Japanese history. The Instructor has even conducted the class instruction in Japanese as poart of the school’s Language lessons. However, in our Maker Space, we will firstly immerse in the skills and techniques that make the craft so unique, and then experiment and create a project to share.

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“It’s vital your Makerspace reflects the culture of your school.”

Where Classroom and Maker Space meet.

The new Signature program will begin its planning in Term 2, 2015. There will be opportunities to address how we can develop projects with the program specifically to reflect design thinking principles.

The Classroom is a Sandbox? Love that!

Angela Maiers has created the graphic of the Sandbox Manifesto. It makes that essential connection we are seeking for our Library Maker Space that might link into classroom thinking.

It’s vital your Makerspace reflects the culture of your school. is good advice, and starts another conversation!


May 18: Students are hungry for code


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Curriculum Makerspace Research and Readings Tinkering

Compare notes: Let’s write about it

February, 2014

GC Tech Space meetings are important.

Meetings like these are important and fun!


Ahh! The power of networking with colleagues and sharing ideas.

From one colleague managing a large library in a  girls’ school in Sydney, the response: “I am thinking trolleys.” Oohh.. and of course that might work too.

From another colleague: “I just give them stuff at lunchtime and let them work it out between themselves. I don’t have to know more than them.. they can do it all”

As the 2014 editor of the NSW School Library Association magazine, Words., I am keen to hear from others in my field. How are they working towards their maker models for their libraries?
The Feature section in Issue 1, 2014, is the result of my collaborated conversation with 3 different school libraries and professional groups on the potential of a Maker Space in a school library.

In writing and coordinating this series of articles, I have realised how important it has become to read widely, and widen the professional network well beyond the school environment to remian updated, current and empowered to make well informed decisions for our libraries.

Where else can we continue the conversation?

My favourite local bloggers who are exploring Maker Spaces too and are worth following:

Kay Oddone: Resource Link Blog for Brisbane Catholic Education. (@KayC28)

Anne Weaver: In her Learning post blog Anne gets the conversation started! (@Anneticipation)

Hacker Meet Ups: The Gold Coast Tech Space and Brisbane Hacker groups are a valuable network of skills and ideas.

March, 2015

My presentation to the Brisbane SLAQ AGM, 2014 sharing the progress and thinking.

So… let’s keep talking to each other!

June, 2014 EduTech2014 event

Lucky to attend the Masterclass of Gary Stager, (author of Invent to Learn) and a taste of Joyce Valenza, our respected Library guru, to put gadgets and gizmos in my hands for the first time. Working with a range of abilities and groups, we built and demonstrated how much fun it can be to build your own circuit, sew your own flashy fabrics, and make things happen with a Makey Makey kit. We just had to have some of all this in our school library!

Masterclass with Gary Stager. My first hands-on!


Makey and water play


Learning together





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