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Raspberry Pi event

December 13, 2013: An evening with the Makers

My first contact with a Raspberry Pi, Maker Space conversations and teachers with the same questions as me.

I am at the EngineRoom in Surrey Hills, Sydney. I am sitting at a table of computers and wires, among people ready to learn about what Makers really do. We are 3 teacher librarians, and their assistants to question how we can develop this tinker technology into our library day and space.

We have been given a kit of our own. And this is hands on! There are 4 expert helpers to assist if we need it. And we do.

Making sense of a Raspberry Pi

One of my favourite bloggers, Darcy Moore also attended. He describes the evening here, on his blog.

My takeaway from the evening?

Maker Spaces deserve to be taken seriously. They challenge the way we teach, learn, and where and how we do it.

That’s a bundle of questions! Design thinking, thinking minds. An exploration across many curricular areas at once.
How can we support these activities into an already very full day?

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